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Operational Management

At our core, ANR Hospitality firmly believes our Operations Team is the backbone to our success. Engagement, Accountability, Structure, and Support are the pillars of ANR Hospitality’s hands-on approach to operational management.

As an approved management company for hotel franchises, we aim to achieve the highest levels of guest services while minimizing costs and attaining the highest possible Gross/Net Operating Income. Each of our properties undergoes a custom-designed plan of procedures tailored to brand and operational standards. We safeguard and polish your hotel with inspired leadership that strategically nurtures your hotel like one of our own. Our Regional Operations managers consistently focus on efficiency and productivity in yielding effective results. ANR Hospitality has proven their ability to enhance performance through effective sales and marketing, quality training, management motivation, best guest satisfaction, cost control, and accountability incentives.

ANR Hospitality constantly pursues higher standards of service. We offer investors a superior product to ensure employee engagement, quality assurance, and the top performance of your hotel.



Operational/Departmental Training

Provide comprehensive training programs for each department, including front desk, housekeeping, food and beverage, and other operational areas. Focus on enhancing skills, knowledge, and service standards.


Investor/Owner Relations

Foster strong relationships with investors and owners, providing regular communication, financial reporting, and performance updates. Ensure alignment of goals and address any concerns or inquiries promptly.


Task Force and Quality Compliance and Support

Establish a dedicated task force to monitor and support quality compliance across all properties. Conduct regular inspections, audits, and assessments to maintain brand standards and ensure consistent service excellence.


Controlled Director Portfolios (8 property limit)

Implement a structure where each Director of Operations oversees a limited number of properties to ensure effective management, timely decision-making, and individualized attention to each property's needs.



Franchise Training

Ensure compliance with franchise standards through ongoing training programs specific to each brand. Stay updated with brand requirements, operational guidelines, and quality assurance measures.


Guest Service

Emphasize a guest-centric approach throughout all operations. Implement guest service training initiatives, guest feedback management systems, and recognition programs to consistently deliver exceptional experiences.



Implement regular property inspections and maintenance programs to maintain the physical condition of each hotel. Address any maintenance issues promptly and prioritize capital improvement projects as needed.



Establish rigorous cleanliness standards and protocols for all areas of the hotel, including guest rooms, public spaces, and back-of-house areas. Regularly monitor cleanliness metrics and implement training programs to uphold high cleanliness standards.



Implement comprehensive security measures, including surveillance systems, access control, and emergency response protocols. Provide staff training on security procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and employees.



Establish operational KPIs and performance metrics to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of various operational processes. Continuously analyze data, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to optimize operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.



Quality & Risk Management

Develop and maintain a comprehensive quality management system that includes quality assurance, risk assessment, and continuous improvement processes. Regularly evaluate operational risks and implement measures to mitigate them.


Guest and Employee Safety Measures

Implement robust safety protocols to ensure the well-being of guests and employees. This includes fire safety measures, emergency response plans, health and hygiene protocols, and adherence to local safety regulations.


Internal Operations Audit

Conduct periodic internal audits to assess operational performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure compliance with standard operating procedures and brand standards.


Standard Operating Procedures Reviews

Regularly review and update standard operating procedures (SOPs) to reflect best practices, industry trends, and brand requirements. Provide training and ensure consistent adherence to SOPs across all properties.


Selective Staffing Measure

Implement a rigorous staffing process to attract and select talented individuals who align with the company's values and service standards. Conduct regular performance evaluations and provide professional development opportunities.


Centralized Human Resources

Establish a centralized HR function to streamline HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, training, performance management, and employee relations. Provide HR support and expertise to all properties.


Optimal Performance Measures

Continuously monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess operational performance, financial metrics, and guest satisfaction. Identify opportunities for improvement and implement strategies to optimize performance.